4 Beauty Wedding Tips for All Brides

4 Beauty Wedding Tips for All Brides

Your wedding day is around the corner, and you feel overwhelmed. You are running from place to place planning and coordinating, and your stress level seems to be going up. Many ladies wait for this day impatiently, but it is essential to plan in order to give you time to be pampered. After all, it is your day and although you are the primary focus when it comes to planning – you also need time to stir up your bridal look.  Coordinating your wedding gown, makeup, hairstyle and jewelry also require some time. It is ideal to think of it at least two months before the big day.  Here are some beauty tips to take into consideration.




  1. Makeup trial

Many women consider makeup to be the most natural part and they do not tend to worry much about it. However, for your first tip, make sure you schedule a makeup trial one month before, and the reasons for this tip vary. You will be able to have an idea about what your makeup will look like on the day of the wedding. Your makeup artist will get familiar with your skin type and what will suit you best. This is the time for you to mix and match to come up with the flawless sample look for your big day. This is the phase that you can make all the changes and adjustments beforehand.


  1. Your skin and Smile

You do not want all that stress to show on your big day so take this advice. Make sure you book a spa day two days before your wedding. Distress from all that is going in your mind – we know that all the planning has tired you out, but that is okay. Go to a spa and get a full body massage and if there is a sauna or Turkish bath then consider joining too. These alternatives will help remove all the tension in your body, and you will feel fresh and relaxed.

On your wedding day, you will feel like a star – all the cameras flashing at you, taking note of your smile. It is essential to take care of your teeth and make them look as white as possible. Some prefer visiting a dentist; however, Beauty Miracle also suggests more natural methods. Mix a little baking soda and lemon juice and use it when brushing your teeth. Brush the mixture twice a week for a brighter smile. Do this a month before your day to get the perfect results.


  1. Nails

Book your nail appointment one week before the wedding, which is if you are planning on adding nail extensions. This will help you get used to your extensions.

If you are planning a simple nail routine, then book your appointment two days before. Make sure you take proper care of your nails and choose the color that will suit you best. Doing your nails back gives you time to change the color and fix any smudging that may occur.


  1. Hair time

If you plan on giving your hair some treatment and conditioning, then do so one week before the date- you do not want your hair to look flat and dull. You need to speak to your hairdresser in advance and finalize your hairstyle decision. You can try out a hairstyle or two before the wedding day to make sure you are satisfied with how your hair will look.


These are four tips to consider regarding your self-care before your big wedding day. Please share with us any advice or experience that might be beneficial to new brides.

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