Heels 101 – The 6 Do’s & Don’ts Regarding

Heels 101 – The 6 Do’s & Don’ts Regarding

Many women adore wearing heels because it gives that extra touch to their femininity and of course to their outfits. Many women claim that heels make them feel classy, sassy and super confident. However, nothing comes without some downfalls. In a previous post “How to Deal With High Heel Hangover,” we discussed the varying ways of dealing with the effects on the body caused by the heels. It is essential to take care of your health and body, no matter what! Do you want to enjoy wearing heels? If yes, then do it! However, it is essential that you do it correctly to minimize its negative consequences on your body. In this post, we will discuss six different do’s & don’ts regarding heels.

  1. Do not buy low-quality heels

It might be a little tempting to stock up on heels from a store that is on a big sale. Of course, the word “sale” has a significant impact on the mind of the purchaser. Investing in a low quality and cheap heel can backfire on you in the long run. First and foremost, it will not last you a very long time – durability issues. Next, low-quality heels can cause more damage to your back and feet.

  1. Do not purchase without trying

Even if you know your foot size, the form of heels varies, and of course, brand sizes also range. You should always try on the heels before you purchase them because only then will you know whether they are comfortable and whether your foot fits in the right. By doing so, you will be reducing the possible negative impacts on your back.

  1. Do not wear the wrong size

If it is in a trend to wear heels that are bigger it does, not mean that you have to follow. Always make sure that you wear heels/shoes that are comfortable and correctly fit your foot size. Bigger or smaller sizes will lead to injuries and discomfort.

  1. Testing

If you have an upcoming event, which you bought heels for, make sure you check them. Do not wear them for the occasion because you will feel super uncomfortable. Wear them at home and walk around, make sure you get used to it. Your new high heels will adjust, and this will make your feet feel comfy during the event.

  1. Take breaks

No matter how good your feet feel in those pretty heels, they are heels after all. Wearing them for a long time without breaks can only harm your feet. Make sure you sit once in a while and remove them (if possible). Or you can make sure to extend your legs and move your ankles in a circular motion.

  1. Support

It is best suggested to wear heels with support such as straps or ties. At times, you feel the need of dragging your feet to prevent your heel from falling off. Or during other instances, the feeling that your shoe might fall off is annoying.

The primary purpose of this post is to help you figure out how you can increase the comfort level of wearing heels. It is essential that you take care of your body and health in all the different aspects. Dealing with achy ankles, sore feet and aching back is not easy – and of course, in the long run, it will have devastating effects.

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