3 Main Tips to Focus on for Slimmer Waist

3 Main Tips to Focus on for Slimmer Waist

If you want a smaller waist, then this is the right post to read. Body shapes vary naturally; however, you can work on your body to turn it in the body you want, and you will see how what your body can achieve. Reducing the size of your waist is not easy, but it is attainable. Anything is achievable if you set your mind to it. You will have to exercise, eating right and even choose the right clothes.

To lose weight you cannot only depend on your workout, you need the help of good eating habits.


To reduce your waist size, consider the following:

  1. Reduce your calorie intake or make sure with your ideal calories count you are eating healthy food.
  2. Do not miss your breakfast – it will help boost your metabolism.
  3. Drink water before or 1 hour after meals – eating and drinking at the same time leads to bloating.
  4. Reduce portion sizes, but make sure to eat more times.
  5. Eat slowly
  6. Eat fiber-rich food – this helps remove waste and keep you full for more extended periods.
  7. Include more vegetables and fruits
  8. Include healthy fats – these include avocado and nuts
  9. Drink a lot of water
  10. Cut down on caffeine

The above are some basics needed to integrate to help you get the waist that you are looking for. Next, you need to think of an exercise program.


Exercise Tips:

  1. Do cardio – it is super useful in weight loss and helps you work out all your body. There are different options: swimming, dancing, cycling or jogging.
  2. Waist shaping exercising – work on your core, lower abs, upper abs and your waist.

Some exercises include:

  • Twist crunches
  • Planks – all types
  • Scissors
  • Bike
  • Dead Bug


  1. Work on your waist and choose between upper and lower abs.
  2. Do 3 to 4 sets of waist exercises and each set 12 to 15 repetitions
  3. Take breaks between exercises
  4. Then choose between lower or upper abs
  5. Do 3 to 4 sets and each set 12 to 15 repetitions


  1. Different activities – you can try yoga, belly dancing, and hula hoop. These activities are great for emphasis on the waist.


Emphasizing your waist through your attires…

You can make your waist look slimmer depending on the clothes that you choose.

For the visually slimmer waist, consider:

  1. Shaping underwear
  2. High jeans – usually drag attention to the waistline and tucks in the abdominal area
  3. Try waist belts
  4. Tuck in your t-shirts


In this post, we discussed simple tips that can help you create a real and visual slimmer waist. However, if you want to reduce your waist size then do it for yourself – not because of fashion or what is trending. Always make sure that you are not harsh on your body and that you are keeping it healthy. There is nothing wrong with working for a healthy and good shaped body, but it is essential to love your form and do what is right.



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