10 Tips That Will Make You Drink Water

10 Tips That Will Make You Drink Water

You always hear and read about the benefits of water. It is ever suggested that you drink enough water because of the multiple advantages that it has on the body. Drink more water! Fine, you want to drink more water – but not everyone has the appetite for it, and some tend to even forget about drinking water. In this post, Beauty Miracle will share with you some tips on how to drink more water during the day.

  1. Flavor your water – drinking water for some people is a burden because it is tasteless and boring. Add fruits (grapes, berries) or veggies (cucumber, celery) or herbs (mint, lavender) into your pitcher. This tip ads excitement to your cups of water.
  2. Drink before every meal – drink a glass of water before every meal and one hour after each meal.
  3. Set a daily target – decide on the number of glasses you need to drink per day and stick to it. First, jot down the number of glasses until you get into the habit of always drinking water.
  4. Use an app- there are many apps that you can download. These apps remind you – during specific times- to drink water.
  5. Keep water near you – it is easier to remember to drink water if it’s near all the time. Make sure to keep a bottle or jug on your desk, in your bedroom and wherever you find suitable.
  6. Drink from small bottles – if you stare at a big bottle and think about drinking it all, then you most probably will not. Purchase small water bottles and carry one everywhere you go – you will unconsciously drink more.
  7. Use a straw – now this is not liked by everyone, but drinking from a straw will allow you to drink more water.
  8. Eat high water content food – eat your H2O! Try to eat more vegetables and fruits through your day – especially the one that is high in water content. Some of which include: watermelon, celery, cucumber, zucchini, grapefruit and so on.
  9. Uses a marked water bottle – water bottles marked with hours or with volume help remind and motivate you to reach your water goals during the day.
  10. Link drinking water to daily routines – you can drink more water by linking cups of water to everyday activities such as brushing your teeth, after using the toilet, while passing by the kitchen and other essential tasks. By doing this, you will most probably be drinking more water.


Waterworks wonders in your body and is essential for the normal functioning of your system. With these tips, you have no excuse of not drinking. You do not have to use the “I forgot” excuse or even the “water is tasteless” excuse. Try these tips and share with us what works best for you.


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